Welcome to the Stitch Party!

  • Are you a machine embroidery designer who wants to join a fun collaboration with other designers?
  • Do you want to grow your audience and your business in a fun, free way?

Then the Stitch Party might be just what you’ve been waiting for.

I’m Lisa and I’m the owner of Flowerdog+Co. I make embroidery and quilt designs, and sell on Etsy and here on my website.

I’ve been wanting to create this collaboration for a long time. A version for Quilt designers has ben running successfully for a few years now, and I think it will work really well for embroidery designers too.

It’s a way to build our communities and collaborate creatively –  and have some fun along the way.


In a nutshell, each participant creates a free embroidery design based on the theme for the month. The themes are all set out in the Stitch Party Google sheet here: Stitch Party Google Sheet (Please only share this link with other embroidery designers).

On the first Tuesday of the month, we all share the links to all the free designs, eg in a blog post, or on your Facebook group – anywhere your audience will see them. A few days ahead of time you’ll get the list of links ready to post, plus an image that includes everyone’s designs.

The point is that people have to sign up for something in exchange for the design. So the link will take them to your email subscription form, or your private Facebook group for example.

Once they’re signed up, you send the design (Or better still put it in your shop and send a time-limited 100% coupon for the design – this way it reverts to a paid-for product at the end of the month).

You can see how it works for Quilt Blocks over on my blog here: https://flowerdogandco.com/snowdon-lily-quilt-block/

And here’s the Google sheet where you can find out more about it, plus see the themes for the next few months: Stitch Party Google Sheet Again, access to this sheet is for embroidery designers only.


As long as it fits the theme, it’s up to you. FSL, applique, in-the-hoop projects, one design or a whole collection – it’s up to you. 

Your freebie can be any size you like but please include a 5×7 version. It’s a popular size for embroiderers and it’s large enough to give you plenty of scope in your design.

More details on the Stitch Party Google Sheet.


Taking part is FREE! and completely optional, drop in and out as you like and there’s no obligation to create a free design every month.

I’m only on Facebook/Etsy, I don’t have a website or mailing list.

No problem, you can still join in

Before release day:

  • List your design on Etsy, make it inactive until the release time.
  • Make a coupon for the design on Etsy to run from release day to the end of the month.
  • Make a post with the links/images for your design on your facebook page and schedule it for release day. This post will also have all the links to the other designs plus the composite image – I’ll send all this a couple of days before.
  • Make people join your Facebook group to get the coupon. This way both new and existing group members will get the code.

On release day:

  • Your Facebook post goes live.
  • Your design will be shared by all the other designers, and also posted in the Stitch Party facebook group.

I’ve got a website & mailing list

  • List the design on your website, set it to go live on release day
  • Create a code for 100% discount, set to expire at the end of the month
  • Create a signup form and tag subscribers
  • write two emails
        – one for new subscribers, thanks for subscribing, here’s  the code and a link to the design
     -one for existing tagged subscribers –  here’s the code and link for this months design
    (You could use the same email for both)
  • Write a blog post (keep it short and simple), include the signup form. Set the post to go live on release day. This post will also have all the links to the other designs plus the composite image – I’ll send all this a couple of days before.

On release day:

However you’re taking part, each month just add your details to the sheet by the deadline. I’ll send you the list of links to everyone’s designs in time for you to add it to your blog/facebook etc.

And finally, please share with other embroidery designers –  the more the merrier!

Got questions? I’m sure you have :-). Send me an email.