Tudor Rose Barn Quilt

I keep seeing pics of Barn Quilts pop up on Pinterest. These bright, graphic designs really stand out from a distance, with colours that pop.

They are usually based on traditional quilt block designs, but instead of being sewn they’re painted onto a wooden board and hung on a building.

Barn quilts are a thing in North American, not not so much here in the UK – so far. But they are such a striking way to decorate a shed or garage doors, it can’t be long before they start to pop up over here as well.

The key to painted barn quilts is their solid colours and simple graphic shapes, which is perfect given they are intended to be seen from a distance.

Barn Quilt in Kansas.

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The Tudor Rose Barn Quilt Block is part of Quilt Block Mania.
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Tudor Rose In-the-hoop version

Make it in solid colours for a classic Barn Quilt look

Machine pieced version Tudor Rose 

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