Snowdon Lily quilt block

Throughout June, quilt designers around the world are creating quilt blocks on the theme of mountains.

This month’s block inspired a whole quilt! (More about that later)

The rules say make a 12″ quilt block – which I did. it took some wrangling and a lot of paper before I could make it work. I knew I wanted pieced mountains, and I knew I wanted flowers between them.

And as the closest mountain to me is Snowdon, it seemed appropriate to add Snowdon Lilies.

Do you want lily facts? Of course you do 😎

  • The Snowdon Lily is one of the rarest plants in the UK, where fewer than 80 plants exist in the wild.
  • Welsh legend has it that the lily sprang up in the footsteps of Saint David.
  • In the UK, it only grows on a few remote rocky outcrops in the Snowdonia National Park, but you can find it in the Alps and the Rockies in abundance.Β 

OK, back to this months block (which I struggled with more than any of the others I’ve made for QBM!)

As always, you have options.

The block is essentially made of two triangular blocks: Diamonds pieced like lone star points for the mountain peaks, and in between triangular valleys appliqued with lilies.Β 

You can make the square block two ways:

  • a lily with half a peak either side
  • or a peak with half a lily either side.

Snowdon Lily Block version 1

Snowdon Lily Block version 2

What’s included?

You’ll get a PDF with full instructions and diagrams for assembly.

The finished block measures 12β€³ x 12″Β  finished, including seam allowances.

How to get the Mountain Range quilt block

  • It’s available to purchase here
  • It’s available for free until the end of June with Quilt Block Mania. Sign up below Β to get the code.


Can’t see the form? Try loading this page in a different browser, or view a version at this link

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6 thoughts on “Snowdon Lily quilt block

  1. Barbara Crossman says:

    I have signed up to receive the Snowden Lily block but it has not arrived in my inbox…I tried the other link as well. They are beautiful and k would love to receive the patterns. Thank you!

    • admin says:

      Hi Barbara thanks for your message
      I checked your account and it looks as though we’re waiting for a subscription confirmation. I’ll email you privately.

  2. Jean says:

    When I first saw your block I thought about using it for a border. I am so excited for the 2 variations. I seldom plan a quilt from the outside in but this will be worth it. I need to sit and do some planning.

    • admin says:

      Ooh it would make a cool border, if you alternate the applique triangles with the pieced peaks. What will you do for corners? (You’ve got me thinking now!)

  3. Pamela J Richards says:

    Hi — I have signed up twice in the hopes it would go thru

    Please send me a link to confirm my email. Love your blocks!

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