Deer Santa…

Who doesn’t love Santa?

Deer Santa embroidery design


He’s an old friend who’s always there, a happy constant in an ever changing world.
I always love Christmas, even the ones with zoom present opening and two of us at a table for ten during the lockdown years.
But this year I’m feeling even more Christmassy than usual. Let’s just say that it’s been a year of contrasts: the outrageously happy (our daughter’s wedding, a trip to Glastonbury) and the devastatingly sad (we’ve said goodbye to too many friends and family this year).

Original Santa illustration in my sketch book


So Santa’s happy face is just the ticket to bring some cheer.
Add to that, this will be my granddaughter’s first Christmas. She’s going to love the lights and the colours – and of course the boxes. Babies love the boxes.
Santa is a mix of appliqué and embroidery and he fits a 5×7 hoop.  You only need scraps of fabric. Red/pink for his coat and hat, white for his beard and fur trim, and a background that contrasts with the wreath of flowers and greenery.
These are just a couple of early tests. Did you spot the Christmas stocking? That’s a free pattern I’m also testing. 
I need to refine some of the detail but I’m so pleased with him. 
So, why did I call him Deer Santa? All will be clear when you see the little friend who’s going to be joining him shortly.