How to add a self-binding to your quilt

So far, you have a quilt with backing attached and possibly even a smart label!

Haven’t got that far yet? Here’s how to add a backing to your quilt.

The final stage of finishing your quilt is to add the binding.

I’m going to show you a quick and neat way to bind your edge. You don’t need extra fabric, and you get a tidy flat edge with neat corners.

If you’d rather finish your quilt edges  with a bias binding I wrote about that here: How to finish a quilt with bias binding

Self-bound quilt edges using the fold-over method.

    1. Spread your quilt out, face-up, and make sure your backing fabric is showing by an equal amount on all sides. 1” is plenty.
      Quilt backing extends beyond quilt top
    2. Fold the backing fabric over so the raw edge of the backing meets the raw edge of the quilt.
      how to make a self binding
    3. Fold the backing over again so the outer stitching line on the front of the quilt is covered. Pin the folded fabric in place

  1. At the corner, fold the fabric diagonally to meet the raw edge on the next side.
  2. Trim the corner diagonally leaving about 1/4” turned over
  3. Fold over to meet raw edges and press in place
  4. Fold over again to cover the raw edge, matching at the corner. Press. Look at that neat mitering!
  5. Stitch all around close to the fold. I used a contrast thread on my sample so you can see my stitching, but you’ll probably want to use a matching colour.
  6. The back shows a neat line of stitches.

    That’s it! Enjoy your quilt.

    Download a PDF of this blog post


    Now the hardest part:  choosing which quilt to make next!